CITICIC introduces the newest demagnetization equipment

The company has recently introduced a demagnetization instrument, which adopts a fixed discrete structure, mainly consisting of a power control cabinet, a DC magnetization power supply, a human-machine interface operation control device, a magnetization and clamping device, an AC magnetization power supply, an AC/DC conversion device, and an electrical control. System, magnetic suspension spray recycling system, demagnetization system, dark room and other components.

CITICIC is mainly engaged in the designing and manufacturing of large machinery components and non-standard machinery parts,including shafts,gears sprockets,sheaves,couplings,bearing supports,castings and forgings etc.the products are mainly used in the fields of mining,petroleum,cement,steel mill,power plant,sugar factory etc.the material of products can reach more than one hundred types,which can meet different national standards.

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Post time: Aug-16-2016
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