Colin Begg: world leader in gear processing industry

Colin Begg (Klingelnberg), Germany, is a manufacturer of milling and grinding machine tools. Its origin can be traced back to 1863. As a family enterprise, it has passed to the seventh generation of successors.
Initially, Klingelberg focused on manufacturing tools and blades at a factory in Remscheid, Germany. In 1923, the company produced the first bevel gear hobbing machine, today, Klingelberg has become the world leader in gear processing industry. CITICIC is mainly engaged in the designing and manufacturing of large machinery components and non-standard machinery parts,including shafts,gears sprockets,sheaves,couplings,bearing supports,castings and forgings etc.the products are mainly used in the fields of mining,petroleum,cement,steel mill,power plant,sugar factory etc.the material of products can reach more than one hundred types,which can meet different national standards.

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Post time: Mar-16-2018
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