How to avoid the warming up of a cement ball mill

1、From the mechanical equipment, the cement ball mill in operation, especially in the stop grinding, causes a large temperature difference on the grinding body, thus producing significant thermal stress and thermal deformation, and sometimes even the damage of the cement ball mill machine parts, such as the geometric deformation of the lining plate, the breaking of the lining analysis bolt and so on. When the thermal deformation is made, a certain intersecting force is produced when the grinding is stopped, and the current pulsation and its vibration at the time of operation are formed. In addition, the heat of the cement ball mill is passed on to the main bearing to raise the temperature of the main bearing and the nursing is difficult.
2、 From the technical point of view, the grindability of materials decreases with the increase of temperature. In the area with high degree of fineness in the mill, the tiny particles of cement will be rubbed with each other to produce electrostatic adsorption. In addition to the cohesion of each other, it is also adsorbed on the grinding body of the cement ball mill to form a so-called buffer layer, which obviously reduces the grinding effect of the cement ball mill. And the higher the temperature, the more serious the agglomerated side effect is. . In addition, the high temperature in the grinding of cement ball mill will cause the complete dehydration of retarded.
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Post time: Sep-08-2017
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