Indian customer visits CITICIC and discusses the technology of large ring gear

This month, Indian customers first visited the company and conducted technical discussions on a large ring gear with a diameter of 5 meters, a modulus of 20 and a weight of 12 tons. The senior engineers of Zhonghe Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. have decades of experience in large-scale state-owned enterprises and accumulated. With rich experience and experience, we look forward to further development of cooperation with Indian customers.

Skilled technical strength is a prerequisite for business development. It is also the creativity of the company’s continued vitality.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the policy of “survive by quality, benefit by management, operate with integrity, and be pragmatic and innovative”. The company has a complete set of testing instruments and testing methods, and based on the ISO9001 standard to establish a sound quality management system, the entire process of product quality control to ensure that the user’s quality needs are fully guaranteed.

CITICIC is mainly engaged in the designing and manufacturing of large machinery components and non-standard machinery parts,including shafts,gears sprockets,sheaves,couplings,bearing supports,castings and forgings etc.the products are mainly used in the fields of mining,petroleum,cement,steel mill,power plant,sugar factory etc.the material of products can reach more than one hundred types,which can meet different national standards.

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Post time: May-13-2018
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