Integrate the core competitiveness of enterprises and strive for the manufacturing industry leader

In 2018, we expect that the mechanical industry will continue to recover; for many leading enterprises in the machinery industry, the longitudinal comparison, in 2018, is likely to be the best year of the 2012-2021 years in the ten years! The global economy is expected to continue to warm up in 2018 and China’s economy will continue to grow rapidly. After three to five years of recovery, domestic renewal demand for some of the traditional machinery does not rule out another contraction, toward a 5 to 6-year sustained decline in demand.
CITICIC is equipped with its own equipment in 3-5 years, striving for manufacturing leading opportunities, mainly from import substitution, globalization, the rise of emerging industries. China Heavy Industry should also integrate the core competitiveness of enterprises, break monopoly barriers of foreign-funded enterprises, and obtain development space from import substitution.

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Post time: Jan-10-2018
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