The global manufacturing industry is going to enter a special historical stage

Gao Hongwei said that the global manufacturing industry is about to enter a new round of production mode changes and enterprise system changes to synchronize the special historical stage. Of these, there are three roads to choose from:
The first is based on the perfect CPS, starting from the intelligentization of the equipment, extending gradually to the intelligentization of the production line, the intelligentization of the workshop and the intelligentization of the factory. Finally, the intelligent manufacturing platform is finally made forward to the target of the industrial 4 (called the German model for short). The characteristic is that the reform of the enterprise system and operation mode can be stagnant. After the change in the mode of production, it is more stable.
The second kind, in the basic realization of the vertical matching system of intelligent manufacturing, based on the distribution of global collaborative manufacturing division of labor under line, create a global cooperative manufacturing and cooperative after-sales service platform, keep the leading position of the vertical division of labor in the global manufacturing industry (referred to as the American model), which is characterized by the enterprise system. The change of operation mode is directly proportional to the depth and intensity of collaborative manufacturing.
The third kind, in the vast majority of enterprises do not have intelligent manufacturing capacity, the operation process of the enterprise has not completed the information transformation, and it is impossible to complete the intelligent transformation and information transformation in a short time. Starting with the transformation of the cloud manufacturing mode, the intelligent transformation of manufacturing energy and the business process letter of enterprise are carried out gradually. In the process of reform and reform, the adjustment and change of the enterprise system will be carried out synchronously. The actual effect of the development of this model will be “gradually deepened from top to bottom”, and the final realization of the attack from cloud manufacturing to collaborative manufacturing, from collaborative manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing is the same as that of the German model and the American model. Its characteristic is the enterprise system and its characteristics. The transformation of operation mode is basically synchronized with the transformation of production mode.
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Post time: Jun-10-2018
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