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    اسان صارف جي ضرورت تي زور. اسان صرف جي پيداوار نه آهن، پر اسان جي گراهڪن جا قدر ط.
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    اسان پيداوار جوڙجڪ ۽ ترقيء ۾ specialize. اسان ڊزائن ۽ شين کي ترقيء ڪرڻ جي صلاحيت آهي.
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    ، لاڳت موثر پروڊڪٽس هاء معيار جي 2008 ع تصديق ٿيل ڪاريگر: اسان جو ڪارخانو هڪ ظريف ISO9001 ۾ ڀڙڪي ڪري ڇڏيو آهي

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اسان جي باري ۾

Luoyang CITICIC Industries Co., Ltd, is located in Luoxin Industrial Park, through the demutualization in 2006, CITICIC owns the independent legal entity and the qualification of import/export. Luoyang city where is not only the center of machinery manufacturing, but also rich of outstanding people with the honest folk custom. CITICIC has extracted the essence of machinery manufacturing and inherited the central Chinese simple and honest features Henan Famous Brand “LUOYANG MINING MACHINERY PLANT” enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad.1

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